finally finished the 19x54 here are a couple of photos.

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Wow. Beautiful work and beautiful boat. A few random questions: Out of what material are the oar lock blocks made? How long are the oars? I see the "easylift eyebolt" on the stem. Has anyone ever smacked a rock with one of those and, if so, what was the result?
the oarlocks are uhmw plastic ( no sleeves that way) , the oars are 9.5 ft, and i don't know about the eye bolt. I've never hit a a rock with the stem maybe i will give it a try and see what happens to the eye bolt.
Are you going to have the big guy at your shop for viewing?
No David, I wish I did. It was at the boat show but was unfinished and didn't have the impact of the final boat. We are likely going to build another this summer. I'll make sure to give you a call when it's available to come look at.
Good looking boat man. Congrats!

Nice boat gentlemen!! You could fit a couple of "Tubby's" in that one!! It really turned out great. Well done.
The owners of this boat picked her up today (May 19) and is right now on her way to Calgary Canada and the Kootenai River. Mik and Hans are the new owners and plan to spend this summer working out the loading, camping, rowing, and SAILING of this boat until they have it all down. Next summer they have planned a trip that follows an early trail of Canadian explorer David Thompson that runs from the upper Kootenai to the Columbia, then follows the Columbia out to Astoria.

They have named the boat the Charlotte Small after David Thompson's wife. Below is a map of what I think their trip is planned to be. If you are anywhere near these areas you might want to offer to help with shuttles, info on the local water, or perhaps just a pat on the back.

Best of luck guys... what an adventure.

Fantastic looking. I will be needing one of those along with a double ender, pram, rowboat and two rapid roberts.

Great work, you guys have it down.

Wow, I just noticed something I like about this boat- the planks on the sides- I initially thought these were floorboards. but they are above the pipes as sort of a step. Pretty nice detail and you could strap some stuff to them if needed. I likey.
sorry it's 19x56
What a beauty, that is one nice boat and what a trip they have planned for it, wouldn't it be nice to plan a trip like that. I like the planks too on the sides and those new folding seats are great, nice work Sandy.


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