Hey friends - hope you are all enjoying the holidays...
So just thinking about the various jet sleds I see running around on some of our rivers here... Has anyone ever built a really sweet wood jet sled? A jet-pump outboard - maybe a forward center console steering wheel with controls. But the boat would still be rowable in a pinch. Electric winch anchor system mounted on the bow of the boat.

I attached a few pics of the type of boat I am talking about. I think I might be getting sick again...
Let me know what you guys think - any experience with this type of boat? Waste of time to consider building one from trees?

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Do you mean a boat like this? The answer is yes you can and it will be a very good jet sled. The boat pictured belongs to Tony Harris in Smithers,BC. These boats run on the Dean River and were designed specifically for that river. In fact they are built in 18', 20', and 22' configurations to handle different sections of the river. They were designed and built by Robbie Stewert and Dick Blewitt. The long 22'ers work the easy waters of the lower river while the shorter boats handle the very technical upper sections. The guides are very skilled at running rapids that would make a drift boater pucker. Running up stream bow first they have plenty of control to wiggle through the rock gardens. Coming downstream they "back down", using the motor the same way we would use oars to slow and manuver back and forth. The boat pictured is a stitch and glue but the working boats at the lodge are all frame built and epoxy/glass encapsulated.

I love the colors. Any idea on what paints he used?
Would you happen to have any more info pics etc... on these Dean sleds?
Looking to build one soon.


I know Ray Heater makes a few kits similar to what you are thinking about. http://www.raysriverdories.com/woodboats_PowerSkiffSpecs.html
It seems to me someone else did too.

Personally, if I were going with a power boat to run rivers with there is no way I would want it made out of wood. There's so many reasons these types of boats have evolved into being made out of aluminum, I'm sure you can figure out why. Now a wood boat for tooling around bays or lakes, yeah I can see this.

Jason, when Greg Tatman was still in the business he had jet boat plans that he designed. You may want to talk to Randy and see if he aquired the plans from Greg
Check out the boat that Jason Cajune builds at this website. http://www.montanaboatbuilders.com/jetboats.htm I don't know anything about the particular boat, but it seems to share some characteristics of the British Columbia boat that AJ posted.

Rick Newman
hello to you all, new to the site, hope to be a regular.
I was/am still looking for plans of a boat just like Jasons. Not realy intrested in a kit though. Bought a set of plans through Glen L. one I get started will see if I can modify it a bit.
are you talking about the sled? I don't actually own one - just asking if anyone has built one of wood. I do have a drifter though - not sure which one you were referring to...
bit of clarification Jason, I was talking of Jason's Kodiak at Montana, absolutely awesome and ideal for me. Jason could only sell me a Kit but I would prefer just the Plans as I'm a Joiner by trade. I later found Power Drifter plans at Glen L ,Which I hope to make some slight changes to accommodate mobility challenged folk.
ah cool I was confused. I wish I had a sweet sled! haha. Good luck on your project. keep us posted on the progress!

Great photo A.J.

Here is a photo of Glenn Wooldridge running the Rogue in the early days. I'm pretty sure this early version was with a prop. The big flat spot on the Rogue boats were for planing with these motors. As the motors went from prop to jet the back of the boat got wider to carry the extra weight and the jet sled was born. I guess that was a long way of saying all of the early sleds were wood.

This photo is courtesy of Wooldridge boats at http://www.wooldridgeboats.com/our-history. Check out their HISTORY tab.

Yes, I have plans for the Tatman jet sled and we can work up a kit. It is very similar to a Kaarhus Sled owned and still used today by George Recker. This sled can be rowed or powered so the owner can run the river and return to the ramp where the boat was launched avoiding the shuttle.

I'll see if I can find a photo of George's Kaarhus sled. It was at the boat show a couple of years ago.
Wooldridge was the man.

If any of you guys are at all interested in him and a ton of Rogue history please read, The Rogue: A River To Run by Florence Arman, spectacular book.



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